Before & After shots

Showing my editing

Helman Tor panorama before editing
Helman Tor edited
Serious gull - down in Looe, Cornwall
The finished blend - the sign is a real one
Bembridge harbour - before editing - all images taken with my Canon EOS 60D
Bembridge harbour, after editing (straight shot lifting)
Bembridge harbour - before image
Bembridge harbour, edited - replaced sky, colour editing & sharpening
Union St Ryde, before any editing of image
Union St Ryde, edited image
Bembridge old harbour - before image
Bembridge old harbour - edited
Same again, but to the right - before image
And ... the edited image
Panarama of Bembridge old harbour - from the two previous images
The last standing bit of the old sea wall at Bembridge harbour - before image
Previous image edited - added colour, sharpening and emphasis - fair bit actually, levels filter with mask editing
Highland bull - overcast day so a fair bit to work on
Highland bull finished - had to remove wire fence, focus and colour
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